April 7, 2022 • 14:30 - 18:00

Join us at our first physical event and discover the ins and outs of our local games industry. The showcase welcomes over 10 projects, highlighting the amazing projects that the Breda region has to offer.


14.30 Walk in

15.00 Words by

Breda Game City

Matthijs van de Laar



Robbie Grigg

Academy Director for Games and Media

⠀Gemeente Breda

Boaz Adank

Economic affairs


Joris Korsten


15.30 Showcase and drinks




An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world in which humans never reached the top of the food chain.



Winkeltje: The Little Shop is all about building, decorating, and running your own old-world fantasy shop. 

Viscacha Studios


Welcome to Arid, an award-winning open world survival experience set during the 1930s in one of the driest places in the world: the Atacama.


JoTo Games

A Dutch studio building small memorable experiences.

Split Polygon

Interstellar Rift

Interstellar Rift is an open world starship simulator with an emphasis on ship construction and multi-player interaction. Survive in a hostile galaxy with your own custom designed and constructed starship.



Dynasty wants to professionalize esports. They want to give gamers and non-gamers the opportunity to make esports their profession. 

Exploding Apples

Child of Lothian

In Child of Lothian, you play as an orphan robbed of her childhood as her family is put on trial by malicious witch hunters. You are left on the streets to escape their persecution inside the bustling 18th century Edinburgh.


Heroes of Arcana

Time and time again, three heroes rise and again, three heroes fall. This time, however, it might be different, this time they might be the true Heroes of Arcana.



Katelyst is a game studio and incubator. Our purpose is to manifest architectural innovation in the games industry by cultivating projects, processes, and environments together with developers and players.

Collision Fox 


Win back your freedom through gladiatorial combat and discover the secrets of the arena and its creator. Arm yourself with the strongest equipment you can find and face this crooked, 2D, roguelike, dungeon crawler.

Nifty Llama Games

Ruth's Journey

Embark on a journey with Ruth, an adventurous hobbyist photographer, as she escapes her boring office job to chase down the rare Golden Finch. The game features themes such as work life balance, nature photography and mental health.

 Moose Attack Studios

Til Nord

Discover a sublime open world on your snowmobile! Drive among the frozen environment of Snøfall øyer to discover beautiful vistas, time trials and quests that permanently change the open world in Til Nord.

Enchanted Beans

Alien Removal Division

The invasion has started, the secret military research facility has fallen; leaving only chaos. As the only survivor, you must fight your way out of the military base against a horde of frantic aliens.


Stalker (Working Title)

Find out who is keeping an eye on you, in this point-and-click horror adventure game.



Nassaustraat 2
4811 DD, Breda